6 Proven Temporary Measures For Your Puffy Nipples on a Day Out

puffy nipples May 22, 2021

The Good, The Bad, and the Worst

So, you have puffy nipples, but you are also not a cave dweller and you need to go outside and meet people. I know the feeling to have to constantly slouch or wear loose fitting clothing, just to hide that nipple that wants others to know that it is significantly different from the masses( and you thought only human's have identity crisis). I personally know the effect of what constant slouching does to your confidence and how you are perceived by others. Apart from being thought that you are shy and an introvert, some people may even take advantage and think you are an easy target to bully. One day, I thought enough was enough and set out to find methods to reduce the puffiness or at least the perceived puffiness temporarily before whether I should to get the surgery or just accept it. Below are the fruits of my research and to help others like you and me, I am writing this blog post and hosting it from my own pockets.

But before getting into the methods to help deal with those pesky puffy nipples, if your not sure of what puffy nipples are, please refer to this article.

If your all set, let's dive into the best temporary methods to reduce puffy nipples effectively.


Depending on how long you are suffering with puffy nipples, you kind of intuitely get the basic solution that if you pinch em, they get smaller albeit for a few short precious seconds. This is very useful if you are outside and you just wanna remove your shirt and wear another one or a similar situation.

BUT!! Pinching provides temporarily relief but actually stimulates the gland to produce prolactin and may worsen your case in the longrun. I have heard cabaser blocks/reduces prolactin but have not tried it. It is also very expensive.

2. Aerola Covers

Areola covers are covers that are small, round and flexible that you can stick on the top of your nipples. They are simple to use and help flatten the puffy area. This nipple cover:

  • Is the same color as your skin so gives a natural look.
  • Shapes itself around your nipple for a comfortable fit.
  • Sticks to the applied area all day.
  • Good covers like ___ are made from medicine-grade materials with no side effects but just in case have a look, if you have allergies.
  • Provides a quick, easy solution to reduce the puffy nipple appearance.

Aerola Covers are definitely my most quick and effective way so far for puffy nipples. You can easily get them from your near drug store but I get them from Amazon to maintain my privacy. If you would like to checkout the ones I get, click here


Pinching helps, but only for a short time and specific cases. Another one of the most effective ways to hide my puffy nipples has been tape. It's something almost everybody has at home and it pushes down just the nipples and not the whole body plus it's invisible under your clothing. Tape is definitely my second most effective way so far.

However if people feel around your back or try and touch your nipples when you have your t-shirt on they would be able to feel something compressing your nipples or it would feel like you're wearing something on your back.

To put it on I put tape from the front of my chest over my left nipple and then all around the back of my body back to the front of the chest. This is the most effective way to do it, **Just taping over the nipples doesn't actually compress them don't effectively.This is also bad though because when you're doing this daily it begins to get awfully painful taking off the tape and it leaves red marks. Sometimes I even get lumps where the tape has been and I pop them and a clear liquid comes out. **

Also, over time it can produce pigmented scars that look worse than what you are trying to hide. So, please keep that in mind.

4. Compression vests

I've bought three different compression vests in the past, Just aiming to stop my puffy nipples appearing under my shirt. It does the job but it seems to push my whole chest out. It looks like I have massive pecs or my body looks really uneven. This happened with all three vests and for this reason I find this a very ineffective solution and in some cases makes the situation worse for me.

Their are not many disadvantages to compression vests except they can be rather warm which isn't very good in summer and I can see the compression vest under a white t-shirt from the lumps of where the neck area is. To prevent people seeing this i have to wear a second t-shirt over the vest. This is three layers and it can get really hot especially in summer time.


5. Super glue

I read somewhere that super glue can keep your nipples sniff for the whole day (I know it's extreme, but I'm desperate) so I pinched my nipples one morning and got the super glue and squeezed it onto my nipples. Moved it around the nipple so it would keep stiff and it was not bad, Nothing special. But about 5 minutes after it got really itchy and starting burning (probably because glue is irritant) so I had to get water and rub it off. I might attempt it with a different super glue in the future.

## 6. Gynexol

I bought a tube of Gynexol (the cream that is suppose to get rid of gynecomastia). It cost me about £40.00. I used it for about two weeks, applying it every morning before school and just before I went to sleep. When it dried, it made my chest feel harder but the nipples would still go puffy and it didn't make even a slight effect after 2 weeks. The tub which cost £40.00 is only suppose to last a month so I used half of it and there was no change whatsoever. I know all over the internet it said it didn't work and their was a lot of fake reviews but I'm desperate so I tried it anyway. I don't recommend anybody buying it. This means that 'diet aid of questionable value' won't work (the pill which is made by the same company) but I'll probably end up trying it in the future anyway.

BONUS: Herbal Remedies

These are just a complete waste of time, money and faith


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